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PFAS Council Releases Report on Statewide Progress Toward Clean Water

The inter-agency council of Wisconsin state government working to respond to the prevalence of cancer-causing chemicals in the state’s water released its 2022 progress report on Thursday, which shows some progress has been made but the state is still working to improve its ability to track and find sources of contamination.

Neglected Livestock Siting Rules Frustrate Farmers, Local Governments, Environmental Groups Alike

The economics of modern agriculture are pushing farmers across Wisconsin to get bigger or die, yet the state’s rules guiding where large farms can be located haven’t been updated in more than 15 years and the board responsible for hearing appeals of those decisions has had a number of vacant seats for years. 

DNR Update to Logging Rules Raises Alarms for Activists

by Henry Redman, Wisconsin ExaminerMay 13, 2022 An update to the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) rules that guide logging on public lands has raised concerns among activists that the department will allow more trees to be cut down and harm the state’s northern forests.  The DNR’s Forestry Best Management Practices Advisory Committee is working …