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Wisconsin Schools Steer Into the Future With Environment-Friendly Buses

While one doesn’t usually think that hard about how school buses may relate to climate change or health, research from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has shown that not only are school buses a producer of heat-trapping emissions that worsen climate change, the EPA also cites studies that show school bus pollution is affecting children’s health.

The Wisconsin State Fair Is Back, Baby

This year’s Wisconsin State Fair celebrated 171 years of the Wisconsinite tradition, opening earlier this month to a big rebound after two muted years as people showed up for good food, great vibes, and wild rides.

Field Day at Finger Family Farm

Come see Corn Interseeded with Covers; Discuss cover crops with UW NPM Outreach Specialist Jamie Patton; and have a silage management discussion with Extension Agent Scott Reuss. Silage samples, provided by Extension, starting at 9:30 a.m. 3 per farm free, $10 per sample for each additional sample. Lunch will be provided at noon.